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Adding Machine (Calculator)


Simply complex. This is not just an ordinary calculator. It is an adding machine with tape. Have you ever accidentally cleared your calculator after adding several numbers then forgot what the last total was? Worry no more! With this adding machine your entries will be recorded on tape so you can always look back. So what can you do with an adding machine? Anything that requires adding numbers such as:* balancing your checkbook register* calculating a quote for a client* grocery shopping (need to stay within a budget?)* totaling game scores like Scrabble and Yahtzee* ...and anything else that needs some adding!
A standard calculator just doesn't cut it when you are dealing with several numbers. When you make a mistake you have to start over from the beginning. With an adding machine you can look at the tape to find your mistake then quickly fix it.
Features include:
+resizable buttons!
+added the option for inserting commas for every thousand i.e. "1000.00" is displayed as "1,000.00"
+print receipts via Google Cloud Print
+copy and paste across apps (long press values on the tape or display for copy and paste)
+swipe across the tape to tear it instead of long pressing
+export receipt to CSV file (location on SD card: "AddingMachine/export/")
+ send plain text receipts via text, email, etc+ save/load receipts+ view saved receipts+ tear the tape (swipe tape left or right)+ set number of decimals+decimal lock - long press the decimal point to lock it so that you do not have to press it every time i.e. if you type "199" it becomes "1.99" (decimal point turns red when locked)+ set tax rate
It works just like a real adding machine. Although more basic it gets the job done.
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Please email me for improvements, suggestions and BUGS. I test as much as possible but I can't find every bug. Thank you.